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If you're like many employers,

healthcare expense is likely outpacing your revenue growth.

Based in Potomac, Maryland, we help our clients align with better solutions,

gain more control and visibility, and realize savings ranging from 15-35% in health insurance and greater than 20% in pharmacy benefits.

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See how we deliver massive savings to employers, all while improving benefits:

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Noveta Health provides healthcare solutions that deliver 30% or more to employer’s healthcare costs. Learn how we do it:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my employees expereince any difficulty switching to Noveta Health?

No. The transition is a simple, straightforward process for you, and your employees.

As an employer, why would I need a PBM? Can my company buy direct from the wholesaler?

For access to rebates, PLUS you cannot buy directly from wholesales. More imporDNly, with this volume of business, buying 1,000 is much different than 1,000,000.

Is there a clear way to verify if a PBM is processing claims as contract indicates?

Yes, a pass-through PBM can provide real-time auditing and access to contracts.

Do you provide full transparency regarding rebates and spread pricing?

Sonthere Scripts is the most transpare. PBM in the Country. Y., we itenisr rebates and do not practice 403,144T1