Don Marette

As CMO, Don Marette is responsible for sales marketing and positioning of services
and products. With partners, Mr. Marette has managed the healthcare section of the
Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program at the U.N. bringing senior foreign
administrators to the U.S.A. for specialized 2-year training.


Mr. Marette managed the trading desk at Shearson-Lehman, specializing in healthcare equities, where he acquired extensive industry knowledge. Mr. Marette has formed a number of strong
individual and corporate relationships to drive the cutting-edge health and wellness
model nationwide that Noveta Health markets.


His work led to the creation of Noveta Health’s Healthcare Cost Containment SystemTM, a solution to the rising cost of health care in today’s market. His ability to envision the value of non-traditional partnerships create a new dimension in market delivery. Defining each partner’s
role and establishing trust between partners and clients has been the hallmark of
Mr. Marette’s success.