What We Do

More Visibility and Control to Your Health Costs
Our proven solutions can lower your company's healthcare and pharmacy costs by up to 35%.

Whether you’re fully-insured or self-insured, we strategically address three main
cost drivers:

Administrative Services

The administration of healthcare claims can comprise up to
8% of total costs. We have built our own TPA, which
eliminates much of the ancillary charges and equates to 5%
in savings.

Health Insurance

Our solution is a pure captive, which operates on a flat
management fee. Members are billed only for services your
employees use. This offers control and savings, typically

Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy services are often the least transparent healthcare
cost. Our solution is a one-of-a kind transparent passthrough
model which delivers saving of 20% or more of pharmacy

Employee Engagement: the Noveta Difference

Noveta enrollers speak in person with each employee to ensure full
comprehension of benefits:

  • Identify and match the employee's preferred primary care physician and network.
  • Boost Wellness participation. Employee participation typically exceeds more than 90%.
  • Enroll each employee in our industry leading benefits technology platform.
  • Inform employees about existing com retirement plans, tax-deferred contributions, and HSA benefits.
  • Educate about the value and importance of supplemental benefits.
  • Perform an informal audit and update beneficiaries.
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